What am I suppose to do when the past is brought up and it’s hard to move forward?

 By  Riya Chakrabarti  |  Tuesday, January 21, 2020

 By Real Love  |   Tuesday, January 21, 2020

first off all try and have a conversation with your partner, i know your mind will not accept whatever she will say , you will keep thinking about her past and you will form trust issues with your partner .
If you were to take my advice talk to her once and the first thing is you clear your mind , coz her past was something you were not connected to , dude she didn't know that she will get a good guy in future so chill whatever she did then was not at all concerned wid you , now you will say that what she did defines her character, but this is not true , the situation might not be good that time with her or the person she was dealing with in her past might not be good , just see one thing bro if she loves you now , then forget each and everything about her past , coz whoever lost her was unlucky ,and you were the one she likes and loves from that time , if she loves you donnt spoil your relationship just coz she did something stupid in her past .

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