What is the brutal truth about life after marriage?

 By  Aditi Pal  |  Wednesday, January 22, 2020

 By Riya Chakrabarti  |   Wednesday, January 22, 2020

If you are a woman, you have to adjust to the whole family of your husband. No matter, how hard it is, you are supposed to give your 100% to transform yourself into the best daughter in law.
If you are a man, be ready to become a pendulum between your wife and mother.
If you take your wife's side, you are called your wife's servant. If you take your mother's side, you are called momma's boy.
If you are a woman, you will go through 9 months of pregnancy, when your child may not allow you to eat food. Then there comes a time of delivery when you actually take a new birth. Also, You only have to take care of precautions during physical intimacy, as your husband is not going to suffer from pregnancy, abortion etc.
Marriage is the worst institution to hold people in a relationship, even if they are not happy with their spouse. Especially in India.
To women - if you are not happy with your husband, you don't know how to be happy. If your husband is not happy with you, you don't know how to keep him happy. This is the blame you have to take after marriage.
Generally, women become a machine or expected to become a machine after marriage.
It is very difficult for men to change their career after marriage. The risk is often not affordable.
Marriages are mostly based on ‘give and take’ policy. There hardly exists true love.
To women - Sweetheart! If you think that you are truly loved by your man, let this illusion be there. Never go against his will, else he will break your illusion in a nanosecond.
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Stay Calm!

 By Real Love  |   Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The edgy allure of bachelorhood becomes an instant artifact, shot far into your past the moment you cross the line into matrimony.
Where you once had a nervous excitement for the unknown, you now brace and prepare for the known and the grind that lies between here and there.
Even if you both get along well as people, as boyfriend and girlfriend, there is no guarantee that will continue as Husband and Wife.
Life can be a high-level assassin to those most secure relationships.
Things may not go as planned: a career stagnates/crumbles or one person’s family dynamics may begin to destabilize, which can easily spill poison into the marriage and the couple in ways you’d never imagine.
Minor problems that can’t be resolved can fester and snowball that turn into huge arguments and fights that permanently damage the relationship.
After a marriage ends, you certainly get over it. But it takes much longer. Having an ex-wife is fundamentally different than having an ex-girlfriend. You had a one-time life partner and now you don’t. The roots run deeper. The scars are permanent.
You’ll always have memories you look back upon. There’s simply no way to delete them. You’ll occasionally beat yourself up for stupid comments, or decisions. And catch yourself before you get mad about stuff that went down (if you can).
Those fun, bright moments will still and always be there. You’ll try to smile and just focus on those.
But it’s hard.
It’s hard to think of the good without the bad. Reflecting on bright moments will always be tethered to the eventual ultimate outcome of the marriage, which makes the memories less palatable - we all like happy endings.
Life doesn’t always stick to the script. You just make the most of what you have in front of you. Or you improvise.

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