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Debjani Roy
Sunday, July 23, 2023

There are many possible scenarios for how the Russia-Ukraine war could end. Here are a few of the most likely:

  • Russian victory: This is the least likely scenario, but it is still possible. If Russia is able to achieve its military objectives, such as the capture of Kyiv or the Donbas region, it could force Ukraine to surrender. However, this would be a costly victory for Russia, and it would likely face international condemnation.
  • Ukrainian victory: This is the most desired outcome for Ukraine and its supporters. If Ukraine is able to repel the Russian invasion and retake all of its territory, it would be a major defeat for Russia. This would also send a strong message to other countries that aggression against Ukraine will not be tolerated.
  • Negotiated settlement: This is the most likely outcome. Both sides are likely to be exhausted by the fighting, and they may be willing to make concessions in order to end the war. A negotiated settlement could involve Ukraine making some territorial concessions, while Russia agrees to withdraw its forces.
  • Frozen conflict: This is a possibility if neither side is able to achieve a decisive victory. The war could drag on for years, with sporadic fighting along the front lines. This would be a costly and destabilizing outcome for both countries.

It is impossible to say for sure how the war will end. However, the outcome will have a major impact on the future of Ukraine, Russia, and the world.

Here are some factors that will likely influence the outcome of the war:

  • The continued support of the West for Ukraine.
  • The performance of the Ukrainian military.
  • The willingness of Russia to continue fighting.
  • The impact of the war on the Russian economy.

The war in Ukraine is a complex and unpredictable conflict. However, it is clear that the outcome will have a major impact on the future of the region and the world.